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OIDI Hong Kong Limited (hereinafter as " OIDI ") is a Hong Kong-based Information Technology and Electronic Products Service Company. With more than 20 years of experience in related services, OIDI's team is committed to providing B2B & B2C one-stop quality service to partners in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific.

OIDI's management concept is based on an open mind, collecting recommendations from various grassroots levels, and making clear cut approaches from different perspectives, leading OIDI to right path of success. In a society of changeable, an excellent management team that provides the right guidance is indispensable.

OIDI stands in Hong Kong, a world-class city, and relies on a close partnership with the world's leading suppliers. OIDI prides itself on having a network of partners who are always working together to provide all the support for OIDI and are a strong backing for our excellent service to our customers.




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